Golf Flags

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Golf Flag Materials : Nylon, Woven polyester Knitted polyester. Logo, Numbered and Chequered Flags : Woven polyester and Knitted polyester only. Colours : Red, Yellow, White, Green, Navy, Royal Sky, Maroon, Orange, Black. Flag Types : 12" x 10" with nylon tie (red and yellow only) 16" x 12" with tie or Velcro 18" x 14" tube (American fittings) 18" x 14" grommeted for american spinners 18" x 14" with tie or Velcro. Note: : All flags have four stitches around outside for extra durability. Flags can be supplied two or three ply with logos, numbers or chequers, one or both sides, if required. Two or three ply flags are ideal for windy courses.

Due to the large number of golf flag variations available, please contact us if you have specific requirements.

Note: Price below is for a 12" x 10" nylon flag with tie (red & yellow only)

Product not exactly what you're looking for?
We stock many variations and alternatives, so please contact us with your requirements.


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